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Argentine Tango Shoes for Women

A properly fitted dance shoe is essential to the Argentine Tango experience since the steps incorporate many pivots and require dancers to be on their toes. I Love Dance Shoes has created a range of supportive and comfortable shoes with varying types of heels at a selection of heights. Some of our Argentina Tango shoes have hard leather sole inside and out, which is perfect for sliding and pivoting while on the dance floor. The 3" slim, sexy heel is comfortable and easy to wear. Our designers have worked hard to develop the best styles and trends.

We travel to Argentina and Uruguay in order to understand the Argentine Tango experience fully. We also get feedback and advice from top Argentine dancers. I Love Dance Shoes strongly believes in supporting the Argentine Tango community in Canada.

We've put together a guide to help you pick the perfect Argentine Tango shoe.

Don't forget that you can customize your tango shoes.

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