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Vision for the Future: An interview with Anna Borsch and Anton Lebedev

Posted on September 07 2020

Navigating the changes brought upon the dance community by the COVID pandemic requires vision and determination -- and the passion to keep dancing. Today we have the pleasure of sitting down with Anton Lebedev and Anna Borshch, a couple who are not only Canadian Standard Champions and Arthur Murray studio franchisees, but also new parents! We’ll be asking them about their careers and life as a young family, and their thoughts on how to stay strong for the future.

You can watch the full length Facebook LIVE interview video on our Facebook page HERE

About the author

Anna Humphrey
Author and Dancer
Anna thinks she might have been born dancing. She spent several years as a ballerina and is now in love with ballroom dancing...and just a little obsessed with Tango and Viennese Waltz and Bolero and Peabody and...all of it, really. Her studio is her home away from home. When not dancing, she can be found reading, writing, and traveling. And drinking copious amounts of tea.


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